Air Muscle – MK 4 relative success

So I designed the final version of what I will be showing the class. I purchased new flexo fiber that has higher integrity and a wider diameter. Adding it all together we get a new muscle with a fiber the fits around the latex much more loosely. Heres what it looks like in comparison to the MK 2:


The MK 4 is on the right. I used similar specifications from the MK 2 on the MK 4 since I thought that was it’s best design.

I don’t have a compressor with me but what can use at the moment is a bike pump that is pumping it up to about 50-60 psi. The result is pretty great, we get about a 3-4 inch movement now as opposed to about an inch. I hope to be able to show off its full power on a compressor during class today. Hopefully we can see it’s full potential then.


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