Air muscle – MK 3 failure

So since my last post I have designed a Mk. 3 version with two goal in mind. Allow it to hold more pressure and contain it. So what I built was a much larger version of what I had before and this time I used liquid gasket to seal the ends. Here’s what it looks like in comparison to the last, the MK 3 is at the top.


So testing it out again I find it moves, all about to inches worth. It can carry just as fine as the last but really no difference has been made in how much farther it can pull relatively. So I decided to push it to its limits to try and achieve what I wanted. I put the pressure up to about 120 psi (100 is the psi it needs to actually work) and left it on the compressor to see if I could get it to inflate as much as it can, what resulted was the end blowing off the compressor. So I had to reach the conclusion that maybe the pressure isn’t causing the problem. So let’s get fundamental with it, what I did was remove the flexo fiber and tested to see if the latex will inflate properly, so I have it like this:


Sure enough it does inflate and confirms my suspicion that the flexo fiber is only doing enough has to hold the latex together during inflation. So it must be the flexo fiber that is causing the issue, what I am going to do now is order a new set of flexo that should do the trick for inflation, in similar models to my muscle this flexo fiber was used so I am hoping with the new dimensions and better material I can finally have a fully working muscle.


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