Air muscle update

I have built the mk. II, my goal was to make it bigger and have the ratio of flex fiber to latex tubing be different, namely the flex fiber should be about 3 inches more than the latex tubing. I also learned that inserting it first then cutting will allow me to measure the flex fiber that will be used better since it tends to thread a lot during insertion.20170417_150056.jpg

So what I have now is a much larger muscle and more fiber covering it in the hopes that the fiber will help the pull.



What I learned is that the problem hasn’t been solved, really nothing changed at all about what is happening, so it seems I had the wrong idea about what this issue really is. What I get is a lack of any real pull when inflated.


Talking with the class today I realized that it might be because it isn’t inflating properly and that air is escaping. My next step is to utilize liquid gasket to help seal the air and hopefully generate the pull I want. Hopefully this is the last hurdle I need to do with the muscle itself and I can get on to building more of them.


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