HugBot: Building and Working of the SensorShirt

We built a SensorShirt to collect data for the amount of pressure exerted during hugs. The goal it to collect data on the areas where more pressure is exerted and with this data we will build our HugBot so that it can mimic human hugs.

Setup: As discussed in our previous blog we used the following materials to get the SensorShirt working:

  1. Velostat
  2. Aluminium foil
  3. Jacket/Shirt
  4. Arduino Uno
  5. Jumpers
  6. Resistors

Here is a representation of our circuit and the jacket with sensors on it.


File_000 (4)
Circuit for the SenorShirt




File_000 (5)


We mapped each sensor area on the shirt to an area on the simulator. This helped us visualize the areas and amount of pressure it receives while hugging and/or each touching. Here is how simulator looks when a particular area on the SensorShirt is touched (Currently boxes 1,2,3, and 4 are working).

Pasted image at 2017_04_18 07_12 PM

For any reference to the code for the SensorShirt please go to

Finally here is a recording of the working prototype of the SensorShirt.



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