Air Muscle Progress

So since last design I have made a few changes. First is I solved the pneumatic tube problem. It now looks like this:


So now I am able to pump more air into the muscle which helps greatly in its expansion. I also changed the source of air. I realized that the only way I am going to be able to make it lift some significant is to make it take a source of air from a compressor. So there’s now an end piece to the pneumatic tubing that allows it to take in compressed air. So finally I am able to make it move, just barely though. I can lift, and it can lift quite a lot for its size. It doesn’t seem to bother carrying a 5 pound load and I’m eager to stress test this in the future. Below is an example of it lifting.

So it moves but just barely, luckily this can be fixed. The current ratio of flexo fiber to latex tubing is almost 1:1 since it has sustained damage from trying to piece it together. Now when the ratio is almost 1:1 it can lift quite a lot but it has no real pull and its flexibility is small. What I look to do now is make a Mk. II that is bigger with a better ratio. This should allow much more flexibility and at the cost of strength. Loss of strength in the muscle is a cost but since the muscle itself is small enough I can reproduce more to make up for the lost strength.


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