Tensioner Project: Proof of Concept

The entire goal of this project is to have an intelligent apparatus to suspend an object in a linear space. This is a simple project that has many applications and can be further upgraded to more complex project, such as suspending an object in 2 dimensional space.

Original Proof of Concept

To hold an item in place, it would be suspended by two strings on either side with tension. On one end of the string would be a device that measures the force (tension) applied on the string to hold the object in place. On the other side, there’s a motor that acts as the muscle to apply tension to the string.  The tension measuring device acts as a sensor for the motor, which applies or removes tension as needed to hold an object in-place.

Below is a simple diagram of the apparatus.

phase 1 diagram.PNG

This is the first phase, pictures of me first beginning this project a few weeks back.

Item requirements:

Attached are the beginning phases of the project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please note the spring. I may incorporate that into the final design to apply some ‘base’ tension to the system. That way the system always has a ‘base’ state, or base tension that the micro-controller can utilize.

Next steps:

  • Connect the micro-controller to the tension sensor to allow ‘intelligent’ control of the object.
  • Construct a permanent foundation for the apparatus to sit upon.
  • Create a working prototype video

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