Show and Tell 2/14

For this week I tried two things. The first being a gripper, which not surprisingly didn’t work as expected. We used too much material so the gripper didn’t inflate or flex correctly. The other thing I learned is that the cure times add up quick so you need to be careful during the molding process.


The other attempt was to make a tentacle which also didn’t work out. This is the instructable I tried to follow.

The rubber ended up having too many air bubbles and some were quite big to the point of it not being airtight. In the second picture, right above my thumb, you can see the molding imperfection that ended up being a little hole in the tentacle. The idea of rubber tubing was brought up but from my experience it tends to burst rather than expand so I didn’t think it would be suitable.























For the next show and tell I think I want to make a working gripper. Also I might order some nitinol wire and work with that.


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