Show and Tell #1 Nicky Schardt

For my first project, I decided to start with something basic to see if I could get that off the ground. As it turns out, I couldn’t, but I did learn a lot. I made a gripper that, when inflated, just inflated and didn’t bend at all. I think there’s too much rubber on top of the air channels, so they can’t balloon and bend the arm. I cut away some of the material on one arm to test my hypothesis and the arm did bend more. Of course I ended up cutting into the air channel, but I was going to have to make a new gripper anyway. Both of these pictures are post-cutting.

IMG_0052.JPG                      IMG_0053.JPG

I also found out that 4-hour set times add up, and that time in the oven speeds up the setting process. I learned that hot glue does not stick to rubber. I learned that I need to get a pair of pliers.

For my next project, I’d like to make something that locomotes. I want to move away from pneumatic power, but I also have a bunch of ecoflex left to use. I also have a blood pressure monitor to experiment with as a pump, as Prof. Correll recommended. If I do stick with pneumatic then I’ll probably use this 4-legged robot as inspiration.


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