C.D. – key points Nature article

  • Soft robots are capable of continuum deformations
  • A soft robot encases in a soft body all the subsystems of a conventional robot: an actuation system, a perception system, driving electronics and a computation system
  • another line of soft-robotics research has sought to control material stiffness on the fly
    • soft materials with stiffer materials such as wax40 or metal41, which can be thermally softened
    • isothermal phase change caused by particle jamming has also been explored as a method of adjusting a soft robot’s rigidity for actuation
  • A big challenge for soft robots is stretchable, portable power sources for actuation
  • The octopus arm is the prototypical example of a highly adaptive, soft actuator in nature
  • One approach to achieving mobile systems is to tether a soft robot to a mobile rigid robot
  • how soft should a soft robot be in order to meet its true potential?
    • . Augmenting soft machines with skeletons, much like vertebrates, could simplify such tasks

Soft Robotics topics that interest me

Harvard microbots

PZT flapping wings with no motor

Flying seagull bird thing “principles in nature that can be applied to technology”

Interesting solid/squishy material

-Chris Davidoff




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